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DeMaRisk Research Project

Individual and organizational decision-making in environmental risk reduction: determinants, motivations and efficiency is a research project funded by Czech Grant Agency (No. 16-02521S) for years 2016-2018. The project is solved by consortium of three institutions: LSRU Department of Geography (JE Purkyne University), Department of Social Geography and Regional Development at Charles University in Prague and two departmens of geography at University in Ostrava.


The environmental hazards have struck societies with considerable intensity and recurrence and their impact are relative to the resilience of the society concerned. The effective ways to reduce environmental risk are related to social action and learning at different institutional levels and efficient risk reduction must be based on balance between individual and institutional approaches through participation and governance. Nevertheless, current writing frequently reduces the two-way nature of the participation process and it only partly analyses individual action as a formative component of institutional frameworks, which is even more distinct in Central-Eastern European context. In this project, we use the multilevel approach to analyse the determinants and mechanisms of how do individuals and institutions learn to reduce both the natural and technological environmental risks, and to identify and explain the mechanism, through which progress gained by individuals influences the institutional frameworks and organizational response to risk processes and vice versa.


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Project team

J. E. Purkyne University in Usti nad Labem (UJEP)

Pavel Raska (principal investigator): physical and environmental geography.

Jan Daniel Blaha: cartography, mental mapping.

Lenka Slavikova: institutional economy.

Charles University in Prague (CU)

Petr Dostal (co-investigator): political geography, social inquiry.

Libor Jelen: political geography.

University of Ostrava (UO)

Tadeusz Siwek (co-investigator): social geography, social inquiry and mental mapping.

Tereza Aubrechtova: physical geography, participatory planning.

Cooperating students:

Nikola Jelinkova performed a survey on public perception of flood risk in case study area Kresice (completed her theses in 2016).

Matyas Krivda aims at municipal options for flood risk management.

Barbora Souchova deals with changing paradigms of urban parks in floodplains.

Dana Alansari studies decisions of firms about adopting the flood risk management measures.

Monika Stehlikova performs a Ph.D. research on institutional analyses of Crisis operation plans in the Czech Republic with emphasiz on flood risk.

Veronika Hrncirova addresses a question of how do the flood events affect land use development and land planning approaches in a floodplain with recorded extreme flood impacts.


- October, 2017 - P. Raska held a lecture for mayors of municipalities in the Ustecky Region, devoted to flood risk management.

- September, 2017 - L. Slavikova and P. Raska presented the project results at the 7th International Conference of Flood Risk Management in Leeds, UK.

- July, 2017 - Jan D. Blaha attended a workshop "Maps and emotions" - organized by ICA Commissions on Art & Cartography, Cognitive Issues in Geographic Information Visualization (CogVis), and Topographic Mapping held at the George Washington University. He presented the results of mental mapping among the public in flood-prone areas.

- December, 2016 - P. Raska gave an invited lecture at Charles University in Prague devoted to risk reduction and risk perception.

- October 13-14, 2016 - P. Raska and L. Slavikova contributed the international workshop on flood risk reduction in Decin.

- September, 2016 - interviews with mayors in flood-prone municipalities has been started.

- September, 2016 - public opinion survey (questionnaire survey) in two case study areas (Kresice, Vavrovice-Drzkovice) was completed.

- August, 2016 - T. Siwek and P. Raska contributed at conferences in Prague (Central-European Conference of Historical Geographers) and Ceske Budejovice (Conference of Czech Geographical Society).

- February 12, 2016 - project meeting at Charles University in Prague.

- The research project has been launched in January 2016.

Publications (peer-reviewed)

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