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Working together

We believe that diversity of personal opinions as well as of scientific approaches are the great wealth of our unit and the only successful way to solve serious problems of landscape utilization. Our members have different specialization, praxis and visions, however, they cooperate intensively in our common deal which is our future landscape. Moreover, our relations overreach the professional scope - our friendship makes us better.

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LSRU is a dynamic research platform integrating individual researchers, who currently hold their research projects in different topics concerning landscape; thus, the staff may change each and every year. Among the resident members of the units are those listed below.

Pavel Raska (Head of the unit), focuses on geomorphology, landscape ecology, both with strong accent given to historical landscape changes. He obtained his M.A. in history and geography, and focused on palaeogeomorphology and environmental change of rock-mantled slopes in his Ph.D. (Masaryk University in Brno). Other research is aimed at the use of historical documentary data in natural hazards studies, risk perception, vulnerability and resilience, environmental geomorphology (biogeomorphology, geomorphology of mining landscapes, and landscape and environmental change.

Jiri Andel, graduated from Charles university in Prague, is renowned geographer with long research history at several institutions including Institute for construction and architecture of Academy of Sciences of Czechoslovakia. In his research he occupies the issue of environmental regional geography, methods of landscape assessment and social aspects of environmental problems.

Martin Balej obtained his Ph.D. at the Charles University in Prague. His main field of study is landscape ecology, while primarily focusing on methods of landscape assessment, landscape synthesis, landscape planning and determination of landscape potentials and risks.

Vladan Hruska obtained his Ph.D. at the Masaryk university in Brno. His main field of study is rural geography, aiming at social and economic changes in rural communities in the period of post-communist transitions, resilience of rural communities and sustainability of their economic performance.

Sylvie R. Kucerova obtained her Ph.D. at the Charles University in Prague. Her main field of study is rural geography and geography of education. In these topics she strongly accentuates the issue of regional identity, and of coherence of local and regional communities. In her current research projects, she deals with institutional changes in primary and secondary schools structure after the fall of communism in the Czech Republic.


Alena Chvatalova (structural geomorphology, regional physical geography and geomorphic risks)

Jiri Riezner (historical geomorphology, landscape ecology, anthropogenic geomorphology)

Jan D. Blaha (cartography, mental mapping, cultural and regional identity)

Martin Dolejs (GIS modelling and landscape reconstructions)

Tomas Orsulak (geographic information systems, virtual reality modelling, geovisualisation) Centre for virtual reality and landscape modelling »