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Involving the youth

We are trying our best to involve our students in serious problems of landscape management of our time. In our lessons, we pay attention to both theoretical (knowledge) and practical (skills and attitude) issues. Creative minds of our students, in turn, help us to find new opportunities for landscape appreciation. Being aware of that the education we provide to students will never be perfect, we welcome any suggestions for practical exercises, excursions, or themes of diploma thesis.

Our courses

Environmental geographical research (Pavel Raska), Cultural landscape potential (Martin Balej), Landscape planning (Martin Balej), Methods to assess the landscape potential (Martin Balej, Pavel Raska, Jiri Andel), Applied geomorphology (Pavel Raska), Methods in physical geography (Pavel Raska), Urban Environment (Pavel Raska, Jiri Andel)

International course: Transboundary Biosphere Reserve - East Ore Mts. 2016

In 2013, we launched the international course devoted to Ecosystem services and sustainable development. The course is organized by J. E. Purkyne University (in Czechia) and Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (Germany). Following the introductory lectures of experts, students make bilateral teams solving different research topics that will be presented at the end of the semester.

The first part of the course was held in Septmeber 29-30 and included series of lectures (in Usti nad Labem) and excursion to Oelsen area in Saxony guided by dr. Hachmoeller from Landkreis Sachsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge. Students now work on their topics, which will be presented during the mid-term meeting in Altenberg in November. Final reports must be sent to course teachers until the first week of February 2017 for their review, and completed projects will be presented in late March 2017 at HA Bernburg.

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Michael Makala: Biosphere reserves in Germany.

Jiri Moravec: Biosphere reserves in Czech Republic.

Bernhard Hachmoller: Introduction of plans for a large scale reserve East Ore Mountains.

Bernhard Hachmoller: Feasibility study in respect of a potential large scale reserve East Ore Mountains.

Matthias Pietch - Michael Makala: Biosphere reserve zones (approaches, criteria and examples).

Matthias Pietch - Michael Makala: Ecological and Economic relevance of biosphere reserves.

Pavel Raska: Living in mountain areas: risks, adaptation and landscape heritage.

Vladan Hruska: Post-productivist rural space and rural conflicts.

Jiri Louda: Economic tools in environmental policy and protection.

This year projects and paper structure: download here download »

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Past course: Ecosystem services 2015

Ralf-Uwe Syrbe: Introduction Ecosystem services - survey, evaluation and perspectives of application

Jiri Moravec: Introduction in the study area Eastern Ore Mountains

Ondrej Vojacek: Introduction in "travel cost method" (TCM) and "choice experiment" (CE)

Jiri Louda: Payments for Ecosystem Services

Vladan Hruska: Current approaches to regional development of rural areas

Michael Makala: Methods and results to determine the storage of carbon dioxide of peat bogs and woodland dominated agricultural clearance cairns

Matthias Pietsch: Methods to determine the soil erosion prevention

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Projects a paper structure: download here download »

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